Type 12 Single Door Enclosure for A-B Flange Mounted Disconnect


Austin Type 12 single door enclosures for Allen-Bradley disconnects are designed to house Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1494F disconnect devices and Bulletin 1494D circuit breaker operators.


ANSI 61 gray polyester powder paint outside and inside. Optional panels are painted white polyester powder.


14 gauge steel. Seams are continuously welded and ground smooth. External mounting feet. Door and body stiffeners in larger enclosures for rigidity. Formed lip around all sides of enclosure opening excludes liquids and contaminants. Door removable by pulling continuous hinge pin. Print pocket included. Oil-resistant gasket. 3/8-16 threaded collar studs provided for mounting optional panel. Holes in body and door for mounting operating handle, operating mechanism, and door closing mechanism. Cover interlock bracket welded to door. Furnished with cover latch bar for door hardware. (Disconnect Switch, operating handle, operating mechanism, and door hardware are not furnished with the enclosure. They must be ordered separately from the disconnect manufacturer.) Enclosures under 40” height require 2-point door hardware. Enclosures 40” high and taller require 3-point door hardware.

For complete details, download the info sheet.

Available Sizes