Coronavirus Covid-19

Mon, Mar 23rd 2020


 As of today, March 23rd, Austin Electrical Enclosures is conducting "business as usual" to the best of our ability. While we have implemented additional safety precautions for the well-being of our employees, (limiting contact, limiting visitors, cleaning schedules, utilizing the "6 foot rule", etc) we are still busy making and shipping product. 


If, at any point, that changes our reps and our customers will be notified immediately. 


In the event tof closures at distributor's warehouses, end users locations, or job sites please notify us immediately. We will be glad to hold your shipments at our facility as long as we need to.


Contact Amanda Felts with any closures or potential closures:


We wish you, your families, and your employees well through this trying and unpresedented time. 


Warm wishes, 


Amanda Felts

Marketing Manager