Custom Enclosures

Mon, Aug 17th 2009

Custom & Modified Enclosures

Don’t see what you’re looking for in our catalog? Did you see it in on a competitor’s website or catalog? Give us a call. Austin offers a wide variety of enclosures that are not listed in our standard product catalog. We can also modify most standard enclosures to fit your unique application.
Saves YOU time on installation: Are you tired of all the drilling, tapping, cutting, or painting just to get your enclosure ready for installation? Why not let US do the work for YOU? In this economy folks are trying to think outside the box and create ways to cut down on labor costs and/or time. We have the solution! We'll make you a custom built enclosure to fit your EXACT needs.
There is no reason for you to spend your valuable time drilling and tapping holes. Austin is glad to punch cutouts, install windows, or paint that special color for you. Much of the painstaking field labor can be eliminated by ordering your box to the specifications that you NEED rather than settling for a manufacturer’s standard.
Call us today for a quote. You’ll be surprised on how economical a high-quality, custom or modified enclosure can be. Our custom products specialists would love to hear from you.