Metro Announcement

Mon, Dec 21st 2009


Austin Electrical Enclosures is proud to announce a new member of the team! Metro Electrical Associates has been named the new manufacturers rep for Austin. Metro has been a well-respected name in the industry since Ralph E. Shoup founded the company in 1975. “I feel that Metro and Austin is a good fit”, says Austin Enclosures president, Jim Austin.  
Look at Metro’s Mission Statement for example, “to be the best manufactures' representative agency marketing electrical and industrial products within our territory. Metro Electrical Associates, Inc. strives for total customer/principal satisfaction through our commitment to making everyone involved more profitable.”We have many of the same philosophies and business practices. Austin strives to have the best customer service in the industry. We have also added value to our enclosures where the competition does not; therefore, allowing for more profits for our customers.  
Metro can be contacted by phone at 800-734-3615/301-855-1105, by fax at 800-335-4649/410-535-5611 or you may email their inside sales team at, or Feel free to visit their website at
We are all excited to have them aboard!
Amanda P. Felts
Marketing Manager