New Custom Products Specialist!

Mon, Feb 8th 2010



Good NEWS!
Austin Enclosures is proud to announce an addition to our sales team! Effective immediately, Jason Austin will be advancing into the position of Custom Products Specialist. He will be servicing the territories previously covered by Stan Sloan. These states include Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, Upstate New York. Jason is a graduate of NC State University and has an extensive mathmatical background. He has been with us behind the scenes in the engineering department, “learning the ropes”. As a third generation Austin, Jason has a definite “service” mindset and is excited to get the opportunity to hear from all of you!  
Stan Sloan has had a passion for computers practically his whole life. He has always played an integral role where our computer system is concerned. Now, his responsibilities will be more heavily weighted in the IT department. Stan will be splitting his duties to serve also as a production liason. A portion of his responsibilities will be to make sure the information is being conveyed properly and swiftly from production to sales. This is a new and exciting position in the life of Austin Enclosures!
The new positions are just another example of our plans for growth in 2010!
Amanda P. Felts
Marketing Manager